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Important Blackjack Playing Tips For All Players

Most people who are in blackjack have heard of card counting. These players are divided into two categories: those who think that it's all about mathematics and those who know they can learn the technics and just hit the tables at blackjack games.

Both of them haven't heard of practical black jack playing tips, but if you do read our article you'll immediately improve your skills and ability to win.

A Little Bit of History

In 1962 professor Edward O Thorp published his famous book "Beat the Dealer" and thousands of players who hoped to really beat the dealer dashed to Las Vegas. As you might guess - very little of them could realize his black jack playing tips.

And even the casinos didn't worry much, 'cause the amount of those who get to grips of the ten counting system were very few.

Anyone who tried to study Thorps' tips in playing black jack get that the Hi-Lo System is not so accurate, and give the advantage to some bad known fan systems such as:

  • Zen count
  • Running counts
  • Uston Advanced point counts
  • Wong halves
  • the Kelly Criterion

It's ok if you would like to open your mind by learning these systems, but the best tip for you is bet what you cope with and just enjoy!

Main Black Jack Playing Tips

As you known the goal of the game blackjack is to win a dealer and do not exceed 21, otherwise you lose. How do so many people win their money at the 21 tables, how do they become experts? If you want to follow their fortune at the table, read our black jack playing tips and useful rules:

  1. Use Your Basic Strategy

    It means that you must follow basic strategy it no matter what might have happened. Remember that Blackjack is a mathematics game. Leave all your doubts and follow the best strategy for current game. Master your basic strategy all the time.

  2. Examine the Tables and Players

    Examine all the tables and find yours - table where you'll play without any interruption and with maximum pleasure. Avoid tables with drunken players - it's always distracting. Slow players are also on a "list", you'll just limit your possibilities to win more. Dealers mustn't be mean or something, because your mood and whole your game depends on them. Stay relaxed.

  3. Insurance

    Never take it until cards are counting. In certain situations insurance might have sense, but only if you are an experienced counter.

  4. Use Your Money Reasonably

    Never ever play over your bankroll. Explain you why you should follow this tips attentively? How you manage your bankroll - is how long you'll be profitable in the game. Make a rule - if a bet's size is more than 1/20 of your bankroll - never sit down at that table.

  5. Double bet

    Don't ignore this blackjack playing tip. Double your bet always when you think that you can beat the dealer by that.

We hope these main blackjack playing tips will help you in becoming an experienced and wise player. They should turn you into the right direction, come follow them!