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Understanding the odds of blackjack is significant for those who want to become a winner. Beginners believe that by learning the basics they can easily make a lot of money and keep winning. Continuous winning is only if you have correct playing strategies or you are educated about card counting. In order to make winning strategies; you should learn blackjack math.

Visit our website; if you want to learn the math of blackjack. We have provided our visitors with probability statistics which are very helpful for developing winning strategies. These are even called the Blackjack cheat chart as they help a player in learning the secrets needed to win in this game. has made things easier for players who want to learn the tricks of playing blackjack; you do not need to be a genius and highly intellectual person in order to understand Blackjack probabilities and odds. Blackjack odd is a term used for your chances of winning in a blackjack game. Blackjack probability is a term used for the probability of dealer and player getting a specific hand. This term even refers to player's chances of busting if he hits a certain hand. Probabilities are expressed as percentages and odds are expressed as ratios.

Blackjack Odds

Learning about the odds of dealer and the player will aid you in understanding moves made by dealers and players if they get certain kinds of cards.


The probability of a dealer striking a blackjack is only 4.82%; due to this usage of insurance is of no good. The probability of a player busting is 50% if he strikes a hand of 14; this is the reason that makes players stand when dealer demonstrates a hand of less than and equal to 16. The player has an advantage over the dealer when the dealer hits less than 17 and dealer gains a competitive advantage as the blackjack game allows the dealer to make his move after the players have made their moves.

The odds of winning blackjack changes according to changes in rules of: the house, tables and decks in use. The simplest way for a player to learn this game is through the Blackjack odd chart. These charts show the moves that a player should make for a certain kind of hand.

Blackjack strategy:

Surrender 10 Vs. 16: You should not use insurance bet if the strategy you are using advises you to double the bet. You are not even allowed to hit in such a case unless you have soft 18.