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The rules of this great game are very simple: the simplicity of the rules makes it more challenging and exciting. One needs to have complete knowledge about its rules in order to win games. The dealer is the most important part of this game and his sides of the rules are very important. If a dealer has a hand that totals to 16 or less than 16; it is compulsory for him to obtain an extra card. The dealer should stand if he has obtained a hand that totals to 17 or more than 17. Certain casinos allow dealers to strike of soft 17; this provides the house with an added advantage.

If your first two cards totals to 21; you will surely win in this game. For this purpose you require a combination of ace, 10 or plus. Combination of face card, 10 and ace is referred to as blackjack and in some cases it is even called natural. Players with such combination get a bonus. In usual scenarios; all bets have even pay outs. In case of blackjack the payout doubles or triples. For example: if you wage $10; you win $15 if you have a blackjack.

Insurance Usage

If you obtain a blackjack through the first two cards in a handheld played blackjack; you should give up your cards immediately to get paid. No one gets paid if players and the dealer obtain a blackjack. This situation can be protected with the aid of insurance. Insurance contains a side bet according to which you can bet half the size of your original bet. If you want to place insurance; the chips totaling to half the size original wager are placed on table.

The insurance situation does not wok in the interest of the player if the dealer obtains a blackjack. This is because the player ends up loosing his original wager and the dealer is able to win at the ratio of 2 is to 1. The positive side of insurance for the player is that if the dealer fails to obtain a blackjack; the player wins the insurance wager and he ends up loosing the original wager. This way the player is able to secure half of his original bet.

Experienced players believe that insurance is not a wise option in this game. It is more affective if the player is completely aware of the dealer's cards or he his counting cards. In physical casinos; counting card is illegal and very hard as you are being carefully monitored.