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Counting Systems

If you want to win big; then you should learn card counting. House has a competitive advantage over casinos. There are different forms of black jack counting. There are some simple and advanced counting methods. People; new to the game are advised to learn and use the simplest form of card counting. Once a gambler has gained good experience of using the simple methods; he should move to learn the advance methods.

To learn and test your skills in gambling; you should play at online casinos. There is no security, no time limit and no body is monitoring you. Starters should write down the numbers on paper while you play online. This is not allowed at physical casinos.


This technique is as effective as any other counting technique. You have competitive advantage if you learn this technique. The effectiveness of this technique is 97%. The main ideology behind Hi-Lo card counting process is to provide each card a worth in set of 3's. The value of cards between 2 to 6 is +1, the value of cards between 7 to 9 is 0 and the value of cards between 10 - A is -1.

The value of adding the entire card deck is 0 if calculated according the stated values. This counting method informs you; whether low cards or high cards are remaining. More face cards, 10's and aces are remaining of your value is high and you are halfway through the deck and vice-versa. If more high cards are available then the player has an advantage and if more low cards are remaining then the dealer has the advantage.

Uston SS

This is an advanced counting process and has higher winning rate. The ideology of this system is same as basic hi-lo counting process; but it provides 6 values instead of 3. The cards with a face value of (2, 4 and 6) equal to 2, 5 equals to 3, 7is 1, 8 is 0, 9 is -1 and cards between 10 to A value -2. The difficult part of this strategy is that it is very hard to memorize the card's value.

Side Count

This counting system tells that player; the exact cards remaining in deck. Some players keep notice of Aces and others keep notice of face cards and 10s. Starters should start card counting with the Hi-Lo method and then they should move to side counts method. Once the player has expertise on these two methods; then he should go for the Uston SS method.