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European Blackjack

The main objective of European blackjack is to win the hand by obtaining a hand that equals to 21. The rules of this game are as follows:

This game consists of 8 decks which are reshuffled after every round. The dealer should draw to 16 and stand on soft 17. If you obtain blackjack you are paid at the ratio of 3 is to 2 and insurance pays you 2 is to 1. You should double down on splits and 9, 10, 11. You should not split on 10, 5s, 4s and value cards. Re-splitting is not allowed. Dealer wins if he obtains blackjack.

Playing process:

The game starts as player is provided with two cards; both are faced up. Dealer is provided with one faced up card. Dealer is not allowed to check the card until he is provided with the second card. This results in loss for the extra bets made by the player if dealer gets a blackjack. Dealer can only obtain a blackjack if the first card is Ace, 10 or value card.

Dealer's offering:

The dealer offers insurance, surrender and even money according to the first card provided to him. The dealer offers surrender if the first card is not Ace. The hand is ended if the player with the blackjack accepts surrender; he also losses half of his original bet. Insurance is offered if the up card is Ace. If the player takes the offer he is allowed to make another bet. If dealer has blackjack the player looses the original bet but wins double on insurance bet.

After the player accepts insurance; hand is completed. The hand does not end even if player busts; when the players buts he looses his initial bet. Even Money is offered if the up card is Ace. If a player takes Even Money; this means that player believes that dealer has obtained a blackjack. By taking this offering; the player is not paid on the basis of 3:2 even if dealer doesn't have a blackjack.

Values of the Cards:

Aces can either be used as 11 or 1. 10 points each have been allocated to Jack, 10, Queen and the King. The remaining cards are according to the value stated on them. A natural blackjack takes place if a player's beginning cards total to 21.

Winning hands:

Winning hands are paid in accordance to the stated rules. The dealer wins if he hits on less than 16 or 16, if he stands on oft 17, the dealer even wins if he stands on a value greater than 17 or equal to 17 and the player's hands total is less than 17 and vice versa.