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Practice Card Counting Legal Systems

Blackjack card counting is used to grow your chances for winning at Blackjack. Practice card counting might help the player to get the house, which is a benefit in many casino games. The system of counting cards came in different forms: simple methods in the very beginning and multicounty techniques nowadays. First variant is fit for new players who aren't in card counting yet. Those players who've already perfect his skills in such uneasy case should practice card counting of more difficult level.

If you are not sure what level of difficulty you should chose - try yourself playing online Blackjack. For starting players we've got an urgent tip - at first times wright down your results so you can see how far you can get by practicing card counting online and if it is a method for you to use for live plays.

Card Counting Systems

Here is a list of some card counting systems that are currently in use.

  • Basic Hi-Lo Card Counting System
  • Uston SS Card Counting System
  • Side Counts

We'll take the last one strategy called Side Counting. The main purpose of this system is to let know the player exactly what's left in the deck, so that player can count which optimum cards he still can get. Some players used to count only Aces and others count only 10's, that's why this method sometimes called Ace Side Count.

Newbies in practicing card counting should firstly start with a Hi-Lo Card Counting System.

When counting becomes your second nature - move up to the Uston SS card Counting System.

Other Card Counting Systems

Implementing a reasonable counting system will give you the advantage when using Insurance bets. By knowing which cards and how many of them have been already remained, the player will know how to handle with his Insurance bet situation.

Facts from Life

One of the most widely known card counters in the world Ken Uston bring a lawsuit against Atlantic City casinos. There he achieved his victory and made casinos make a rule that casinos could not ban player who practice card counting. Though later casinos had started to take measures prohibiting card counters.

Also a range of devices used in card counting are available but they are totally illegal. Practicing card counting in mind is legal.