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Privacy Statement

Personally Identifiable Information

Certainly, we recognize and protect the privacy of our prospects' and customers' Personally Identifiable Information which includes your name, home address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, debit or credit card information, and further data collected through surveys and on registration. The PII of our customers are based on our corporate extensive Customer Privacy Policy which guides us on how we collect, use, and store these details. Our best objective is balancing our legitimate business benefits in using and collecting such information against your logical expectations of privacy.

The collection of your PII is required whenever you register for information and services, use gambling services online, make customer queries, and reply to communications from our company. Furthermore, a third party to whom you've disclosed your PII can also present us your Information. Nevertheless, our purpose of collecting your PII is to offer you online gambling services, in order to cater our products and services according to your interests and preferences, to update you on certain services through our website, and to guarantee both our and your safety.

We also ensure our clients that we implement specific rules, technical measures, and proper security policies to safeguard and protect your personal information against disclosure, improper use, accidental loss, unlawful destruction, unauthorized access and modification. Hence, we entrust that all communications between us and our players are completely safe and secure. Similar to other major financial institutions, we also employ 128meg digital encryption coordination to safeguard all communications.

Your PII and the corresponding purposes mentioned above may be disclosed to our employees, auditors and contractors, advisors auditing our business processes; or any third party providers who make use of your information in order to provide us certain services. Thus, our data processors, employees, and other parties who may access and process your personal data are indebted to value the confidentiality of all your personal details. Hence, we will never disclose your PII to government institutions and further authorities unless required by law.

The Policy of "Know Your Player"

Our social establishment strictly adheres to "Know Your Player" Policy to make sure who our customers are in order to protect them likewise ourselves. The objective of this policy, along with our best abilities is to that our customers are of legal age. We accommodate customers no less than 18 years old, or at the minimum legal age in their jurisdiction, in able to play with us. Furthermore, we would like to ensure that our customers are not involved into any illegal activities, as well as activities which violate our fundamental terms and conditions. Thus, we want to make sure that our client's identity is authentic and reliable.


For record keeping reasons, we may provide you with a cookie. It is a tiny file which can be installed in your pc's hard disk. Cookies help us recognize you every time you visit our website. Take note of other advertisements that you may click on, and further sites you may enter through links from our website; because this permits us to modify certain services that we provide into your desires and preferences. Also, cookies can generate data to let us collect statistical data on how you use our website. However, you are not mandated to accept any cookie from us and/or from other websites. Cookies will be rejected by modifying your browser. Fortunately, we may provide you with a permanent cookie once you register with our online gaming.

For proper and correct procedure, you may freely click "Help" on your browser. On the other hand, we may refuse to access specific websites for legal security reasons; unless you accept to use a cookie or any similar device.

Finally, we will not store your personal information any longer than its essential purposes of its collection. And we will regularly update you on any changes in our Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy alterations will be posted on this website to inform you of such. Hence, we have the ultimate right to amend Privacy Policy anytime, and in reaction to changes in privacy legislation and applicable data protection.