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Find Your Favorite Variation of Black Jack

For many people gambling is not only fascinating time spending but also a way of life. It's impossible to be indifferent when speaking of blackjack or its variations. Years ago for those who wanted to play favorite casino games there weren't possibilities to play it online like many players do it nowadays.

You do not need to go anywhere, all you need to do is connect to the Internet, chose one of the variations of black jack or some other online games - and simply play it.

Variations of Blackjack

So, let's find out what the most popular variations of black jack you can play!

If you are one of the blackjack fans and looking for different variations of blackjack, here is a list and a short description of the most interesting types. Most of them are based on your favorite game with some changings so you can feel the difference and try new online games.

  • Over / Under 13
  • Royal Match
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Double Exposure
  • Madness
  • Vegas Strip
  • Perfect Pairs
  • Spanish 21


One of the popular blackjack variations is "Over/Under 13" in which casino wins on a 13. The game became popular in Las Vegas very much, because of the added new bet side so every player can bet on. This rule is true if your first two cards are over 14 or if they are under 13. In this variation of the game aces count as one and the payout is 1:1.

Spanish 21 is another popular variation of blackjack. During this game there is always used from 6 to 8 decks and all the tens are usually removed. Like in Vegas Strip in this game used a different strategy.

Let's take a look on Royal Match. In this variation the payout is 3:1. Royal Match is receiving when player gets both King and Queen of one suit. In this case the payout grows to 10:1.

Other rules are in Blackjack Switch, where players use two separate hands. Each hand of course with an identical bet. Player is allowed to switch the second cards if he wants.

Double Exposure. All the cards both yours and dealers are dealt face up, which creates a huge advantage for you as a player. In this game there are no bonuses, dealer wins on a tie.

In 21 Madness the player can bet a $1 side bet. An interesting rule of this game variation consists in next occasions: when the player gets a blackjack and the dealer doesn't, then player gets a bonus in size of $5-1000 due to how lucky he could be.


So as could see the variety of blackjack prototypes are huge, though they aren't so difficult to understand and play. Simply choose your favorite variation of blackjack or new style you haven't tried yet and go ahead!