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Vegas Strip

The alterations in rules and regulations make this game more interesting and challenging for the player. The style of playing the game is not altered but the changes in the regulations make it a much better gambling game.


In case of European blackjack or standard game; the dealer gets two cards. The face of one card is up and the other one is down. If the card which is facing upside is Ace card; Insurance will be immediately offered by them before they check for blackjack. If the blackjack is still with the dealer; the player immediately looses his wager.

The major difference between standard and Vegas Strip blackjack game is that there is an opportunity to divide two additional times right after the first split. Even if high amount of money is bet; the chance that a player might win one of the several hands he plays. Only issue regarding the game is that; players might fail to split for the second time if both the first cards show Aces. A player should know that dealer stands on soft 17; therefore operating some strategy around the dealer restriction is a good idea.

Vegas strip is a great form of blackjack for those fans of blackjack that are always up for challenging games. Though there are certain changes in the rules and regulations between the standard and Vegas Strip form of blackjack; Vegas strip is very exciting and rewarding game. This great game is easily available at online casinos. A good online casino for this game is Golden Casino where the game is called simply Blackjack.