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Atlantic City Blackjack

In Atlantic City multi-hand and single-hand have same set of strategies and rules to play them. People gambling in multi-hand blackjack should keep in mind that the chances of getting desired hands decrease as you play a lot of hands. We offer online blackjack at our online casino and we provide you with strategies and rules so you can easily learn and play the game.


Original blackjack rules are similar to the rules followed by Atlantic City blackjack; though there are certain differences. The first point of difference is; Atlantic City blackjack is gambled with the use of 8 standard decks of gambling cards. These are even known as American hole card games. In European blackjack the rules are different as in the European one the dealer has one card in the beginning; due to this the dealer does not holds a blackjack.

This also means that the dealer wins the game if the dealer gets the blackjack and you have doubled. According to Atlantic City blackjack; dealer gets two cards in the beginning. One card is faced downwards and the other one is faced up. Due to this the dealer checks for blackjack if the faced up card is a face card, Ace or 10. If the other card completes the blackjack; you loose a small amount and the game ends.


A strategy card for Atlantic City Blackjack game; it helps the player in ensuring more victories. In order to increase your possibilities of winning you should carefully study the strategy card. The card does not guarantee you a victory in every hand but by studying this card; your chances of winning increases. The strategy card was made with the aid of mathematicians and it contains information of odds of getting cards. This card is very essential for beginners as these strategies can aid you in playing the game in a professional manner.

It is played with 8 standard cards; these are even referred to as American hole card games. Dealer gets two cards and checks for blackjack if the up faced card is face cards, Aces or 10s. Dealer should stand on soft 17, double down on every two cards, double down following a split, make 4 hands by splitting thrice, Aces are only allowed to split once and, split 10 and Ace totals to 21 and is not a blackjack. Surrendering late is also allowed and different 10 value cards are allowed to split.