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Blackjack Switch

There are different forms of blackjack games; blackjack switch is one of the most interesting forms of blackjack games. In this game; a player is allowed to utilize trade cards. Trade cards is considered as cheating in other forms of gambling games; but in blackjack trade cards are completely legal.

In this game a player bets equally on cards and then they are allowed to switch any given to them. This game is easily available in the online casino of Playtech; it is even played in physical casinos of Las Vegas and Russia.

The Rules

The rules are similar to standard blackjack game. In this game eight decks are used, dealer hits when cards total to soft 17, the face of the cards is upside when dealt, the dealer looks for blackjack when one of the up faced cards show an ace or 10. If the dealer finds a blackjack; all players except those who have blackjack will loose. The hand counts for an overall of 21 points if players opt to switch for blackjack.

Players double on any 2 cards of their own choice and players even double following splits. Players are even allowed to re-split unless they make four hands. Russia follows the same set of rules; the only difference is that and early surrender is acceptable and dealer does not get hole cards.

House edge

Blackjack played in Las Vegas is a bit different as the rules state that dealer should hit soft 17. In case of Blackjack Switch, the total should count 21 with house edge totaling to 0.58%. There are different house edges with differences in rules. These include: Eight decks totaling to +0.02%, an instant blackjack switch wins -0.04%, an automatic winner wins -0.21%. The house edge in Russia is 0.20%.